Farine Fried Jumble Recipe


1 lb soaked farine
8 oz chicken, pork, beef, chicken liver
or tripe
4 tbsp Chinese sauce or cassareep
2 oz cabbage
1 parcel bora
1 piece of pumpkin
2 sweet peppers, red and green
4 tbsp chopped parsley, wiri-wiri pepper and thyme
1 tsp Chinese spice
1 tsp vetsin
chopped eschalot to garnish


1 Cut meat into small pieces and season with Chinese sauce and
black pepper. Set aside.
2 Cut all vegetables finely and cook them quickly in a little
water to retain their color and crispness.
3 Fry meat in oil until tender. Add vegetables, parsley, wiri-wiri,
thyme and salt to taste. Fry lightly for 5 minutes.
4 Add farine, Chinese spice and vetsin and fry for another 5 minutes.
5 Pile on a platter and garnish with chopped eschalot.

Serves 12