Boulanger Choka Guyanese Style Recipe

Boulanger Choka Recipe


1 large coarse boulanger
2 cloves garlic
2 wiri-wiri peppers/bird peppers
1 large ripe tomatoes
1 onion
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cooking oil


1  Peel garlic and cut in two lengthwise. Wash peppers and remove
2  Wash boulanger and tomato. Dry boulanger and slit. Put garlic
and peppers into boulanger.
3  Roast-either on a tawah, in a frying pan, oven or in the fireside-
for 10-15 minutes.Can be turned while roasting.
4  Meanwhile chop onion finely and place in dish in which choka will
be served.
5  After about 8 minutes, put tomato to roast.
6  When completed, scoop out boulanger flesh and place with chopped
7  Peel tomato and add to onion.
8  Crush all, ensuring that peppers and garlic are crushed.
9  Add salt and cooking oil. Taste for flavor. Additional pepper
and salt may be used to suit individual taste.
10 Serve hot with dhall and rice.

This Boulanger Choka recipe serves about 6.

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