Callaloo Soup with Crab Recipe


12 eddo or dasheen leaves
2-3 crabs
12 oz pickled meat
8 ochroes
2 oz shrimp (optional)
1 pt boiling water
1 tbsp butter


1 Soak and cut the pickled meat. Scald crabs to kill them. Scrub well.
2 Strip the stalks and midrib from leaves, wash and roll them. Wash and
cut up the ochroes, eschalot, celery and garlic.
3 Put all ingredients except the butter in an enamel or aluminum saucepan.
Pour on the boiling water and season with salt and pepper. Simmer until
everything is soft-about 30-45 minutes. Remove crabs, swizzle thoroughly,
add butter, and reheat, if liked, remove flesh from crabs and add to
the callaloo before serving.
4 Serve with foo-foo, made of green plantains and hard yams.

Serves 6