Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe


2 coconuts, grated
4 pt milk
2 oz custard powder
4 eggs
sugar to taste
1 tsp almond essence


1 Heat 1 1/2 pints milk, pour it over the coconut and leave to stand for 5
2 Squeeze thoroughly to extract flavour, strain.
3 Blend custard powder with 4 tbsp of plain milk.
4 Heat the remaining milk in a saucepan. Remove from heat and add custard
5 Blend well, return to pan and stir constantly until mixture thickens. Remove
from heat.
6 Whisk eggs lightly with sugar, add essence, pour hot custard on and whisk
7 Add coconut milk and mix well.
8 Cool and freeze as usual.

Serves 10-12

Note: Milk which has been flavoured with coconut should not be heated.