Cream of Pumpkin Soup Recipe


8 oz pumpkin
2 oz shrimp (optional)
1 pt water or stock
2 oz margarine
2 oz flour
1 pt milk


1 Cut pumpkin into pieces.
2 Clean shrimp, if using.
3 Put eschalot, celery and thyme, tied together, into water or stock
and bring to the boil. Add pumpkin and salt and white pepper to taste.
Reduce heat and leave to simmer.
4 Make white sauce using margarine, flour and milk. Season to taste.
5 Remove stock from heat. Remove eschalot bundle, and pass all other
ingredients through a sieve.
6 Add stock to white sauce. Correct the flavor and consistency, adding
milk if too thick.
7 Serve hot with croutons.

Serves 6