Papaw Mousse Recipe

Ingredients 1 medium papaw, ripe but firm 1/2 pt evaporated milk 1/4 pt condensed milk 1 packet unflavored gelatine 1/4 pt hot water glace cherries Method 1 Remove seeds from papaw, scoop out the pulp and pass through a sieve. 2 Add evaporated and condensed milk and stir well. 3 …

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Local Fruity Platter Recipe

Ingredients 2 medium oranges 1 large marnie 8 oz watermelon 2 medium mangoes 1 small pineapple 3 tbsp sugar 1 tsp mixed essence 1 oz cherries orange peel, cut in strips 5 tbsp water Method 1 Peel all fruits. Do not remove white pith from oranges. 2 Cut fruits as …

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