Farine Black Cake

How Farine is made.

Bitter cassava roots are soaked in water for about five days. They are then peeled, washed and grated. A small amount of fresh cassava is scraped, washed and grated. Both sets of cassava are mixed and squeezed in a matapee to get rid of the liquid (this liquid is boiled down to make cassareep).  The remaining substance in the matapee is then sifted. A farine pan is greased with beef fat and heated. Small amounts of the sifted cassava meal are parched in the pan until light brown in color; stirring is necessary during parching. The end product resembles tiny pebble-like brown balls called farine.


1 lb farine flour(grind 1 lb farine meal
 into flour)
3 lb mixed dried fruit
2 oz mixed peel
2 oz peanuts
3 lb brown sugar
about 1 pt wine
about 1 1/2 pt rum
1 lb margarine
9 eggs
3 tsp mixed esence
3 tsp mixed spice


1 Wash and dry the fruits. Grind or chop fruits, peel and nuts.
2 Make caramel. Heat 2 lb brown sugar, and when melted add 4 tablespoons
  of wine. Simmer until dark colour is obtained.
3 Mix about half the wine and rum and pour over the fruits and peel.
  Leave to soak for a day or longer(up to 3 months).
4 Grease and double line an 8 inch cake pan.
5 Cream the remaining 1 lb sugar and margarine. Add eggs one at a time
  (beaten or unbeaten) and the essence.
6 Add fruits and nuts and stir well. Add enough caramel to make mixture
  as dark as desired.
7 Sift farine and spice together. Add to the mixture a little at a time
  and fold in. Mix to a soft dropping consistency using wine and rum.
8 Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and bake in slow oven, 300   degree,  for 2 hours in middle shelf.
9 Pour remaining wine and rum over immediately after cake is baked.

Serves 16