Parata Roti Recipe


4 lb flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar (optional)
1 tbsp baking powder
4 oz ghee
1 1/4 pt water for mixing
1/2 pt vegetable oil


1  Sieve flour. Remove 1 lb for ‘partan’, that is, for kneading dough and
spreading roti.
2  Add salt, sugar, baking powder and 1 tbsp ghee to flour and mix well.
3  Add water and make into a dough. Add some of the ‘partan’ and knead dough
for a short while.
4  Cover and leave to stand (soak) for 10 minutes.
5  Divide dough into 15 pieces and roll (balaa) dough on a flat, floured
surface. Rolling pin (belna) and breadboard (chowkee) can be used.
6  Mix vegetable oil and remaining ghee in a bowl. Rub oil into dough pieces.
Sprinkle with flour. Roll up and push the two ends inwards.
7  Dust in flour. Leave to soak for 10 minutes.
8  Heat roti pan (tawah) or large frying pan. Roll out dough and place on
hot tawah. Leave for 1 minute and then turn over.
9  Spread with oil. Turn over again and spread other side with oil.
10 Turn over and cook, moving around on tawah while cooking. Cook for 2-3
minutes while turning it at the same time.
11 Remove and clap roti. Roti can be clapped between towels to prevent hand
from getting burnt.
12 Repeat with remaining pieces of dough.

Makes 15

Note: The entire dough can be spread on a large surface, oiled, floured and rolled.
The dough is then cut into individual pieces and cooked on two tawahs at the
same time.