Peanut Soup


7 oz parched peanuts
2 wiri-wiri peppers, or to taste
1 small onion
4 oz meat, saltfish or dried fish
1 tsp salt
about 2 pt stock or water


1 Grind the parched peanuts.
2 Grind or chop the peppers and onion.
3 Prepare the meat and cook in stock with salt, or prepare and cook salt fish
  or dried fish in stock.
4 When cooked make up the stock to 1 1/2 pints.
5 Mix the nuts to a smooth paste with some of the hot stock. Add this to the
  rest of the stock; add ground peppers and onion.
6 Bring to boil. Taste and season.
7 Leave to simmer gently until thick.
8 Serve with pounded Yam Foo-Foo.

Serves 6-8