Sea Trout Salad Recipe


1 lb middle cut sea trout
1 large lime
1 lb yams
1 tbsp finely chopped herbs
6 tbsp mayonnaise
8 oz cabbage
1/2 medium sized cucumber
2 large firm tomatoes
1 head lettuce


1 Clean and season fish with salt, pepper and lime juice and leave in
refrigerator overnight. (If there is no refrigerator, prepare fish 3-4
hours before cooking.)
2 Scrub, peel and boil yams, then cut into neat cubes.
3 Steam fish, remove skin and bones and flake using a fork.
4 Add cubed yams to flaked fish. Add chopped herbs and blend carefully
with half the mayonnaise, again using a fork. (Be very careful not to
crush the mixture.)
5 Shred cabbage finely, cut cucumber into neat cubes and tomatoes into
neat chunks. Toss all together with remaining mayonnaise.
6 Wash lettuce leaves and leave them whole.
7 Arrange lettuce leaves on dish, pile the prepared fish mixture in the
center and arrange the ‘tossed’ vegetables around the fish.

Serves 8

Note: Queriman may be used in place of sea trout to make a queriman salad.