Wanton Soup Recipe


20 wanton leaves
2 pt stock
egg white
1 bundle pakchoy
4 oz carrot or pumpkin
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp Chinese sauce
1 tsp vetsin
4 oz roast pork and/ or chicken, cut in strips
chopped eschalot and celery to garnish

8 oz beef, chicken, prawns or pork,
sugar to taste
pinch of vetsin
1 egg yolk


1 Put stock on to boil, then reduce heat and allow stock to simmer.
Remove excess fat.
2 Chop meat finely for filling. Add salt, pepper, sugar, vetsin and
egg yolk to bind. Put a teaspoonful on each wanton leaf, fold, sealing
edges securely with egg white.
3 Drop folded wanton leaves into stock and cook for 8 minutes. Add
vegetables, seasoning, salt to taste, and chicken or pork. Cook for
a further 2 minutes.
4 Put cooked wanton into tureen. Pour soup over. Garnish with chopped
celery and eschalot.

Serves 12

Note: Wanton leaves may be bought from any Chinese grocery.